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Waldameer Song Blues!

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The story goes that while digging the footers for the now world famous Ravine Flyer II at Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, a forgotten time capsule was discovered, dated from the construction of the original Ravine Flyer in 1922. Unfortunately the capsule had not survived it’s time in the ground well, and many of the artifacts were ruined.

One item that did survive was an old 78 rpm recording by the long forgotten Blind Melon Hecuba.

ATRA’s own Mark Kindler painstakingly restored the disc to the degree that it was possible to uptain one digital transfer before the disc crumbled to dust, joining the long lost Blind Melon Hecuba in the wind.

Or so the story goes…

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Waldameer Song Blues CD
Original 78 rpm record label
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Waldameer Song Blues lyric © 2008 Mark Kindler

Blind Melon Hecuba
ca. 1922
Blind Melon Hecuba

Written and produced by Mark Kindler

Performed by Mark Kindler and Friends

This CD is the third in a series presented by

ATRA - The American Thrill Ride Association

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