Blue Diamond Park

New Castle, Delaware, USA

2003 to 2007

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Opened in 2002 as an ATV and Motorcross track, Blue Diamond Action Sports Park added amusement rides in 2003 in hopes of expanding their customer base. The amusement park, the first in Delaware, was originally touted as a success, and included Zyklon (from DelGrosso's in Pennsylvania) and Orient Express roller coasters, an Inverter, a Bear Affair spinning ride, a Sky-Diver Ferris wheel, a two-story carousel, bumper cars, a miniature golf course, carnival games and much more - more than 20 rides and attractions. There was also a concession stand and two pavilions for corporate picnics, with volleyball nets and horseshoes.

Sadly, their experiment in the amusement park business was not sustainable, and the rides were removed after the 2007 season, returning the park to its motor-sports roots.

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