Celebration City

Branson, Missouri, USA

2003 to 2008

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From Uncle Duke:
"We arrived at Celebration City after a rainy green day at Silver Dollar City. We were in the second day of the Coaster Zombie's Parks of the Ozarks Tour 2003, and only had Monday evening for the park.

"We entered the park, and it still had that new park smell. We went left, rode the Jack Rabbit, Thunderbolt, then on to the Ozark Wildcat! We loved it so much, we didn't want to eat dinner. We grabbed a quick burger, and were back on. I think we were their first large group of enthusiasts, and it took a few trips through the loading gates before they really warmed up...eventually letting us re-ride if no one wanted our seat (by the end of the night only Zombies were riding), even letting us trade seats by the very end.

"Our only other image of the park was the view from the lift hill..."

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