Celebration Station

Metairie, Louisiana, USA

1992 to 2004

Built on a disputed piece of land in Bissonet subdivision, this celebration Station full filled the former promise of an amusement venue for the community. In 1979 the then state-owned parcel was named Les Petits Enfants Park (Little Childrens' Park), by the Parish Council. But after an ensuing land dispute, where the property was sold by the state to a local politician, then passed though the hands of a number of businessmen and politicos, the park was never built. The property was finally slated for a car lot in 1988. But the car dealer never developed the land, and sold it to Whiteco (parent company of the Celebration Station chain) in 1991 for $1.9 million.

When approved, Celebration Station was to be a $6 million investment, with a 36-hole miniature golf course, go-cart tracks, bumper boats, batting cages, an arcade, children's play area and a pizza parlor. Said Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni at the time, "It's not going to be Pontchartrain Beach, but it surely fills a void. I think that with the success they're certainly going to have, it may be an impetus for others to realize that we're a big market down here for that type of development."

But not everyone welcomed the development, citing, among other issues, the lack of adequate parking, and the fear that patrons would park in nearby neighborhoods and have to cross busy highways to get to the FEC. Other complained that the entertainment center was over priced. To counter these concerns, Celebration Station quickly began participating in many local charity events and gave discounts or free time to groups representing disadvantaged children.

The exact reason for the closing of this Celebration Station is not known.

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