Hillcrest Park

Lake Zurich, Illinois, USA

1952 to 2003

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A private picnic park rented for corporate outings, the park succumbed to declining business and rising land prices.

From Pete:
"In the first gallery photo, you can't tell it is Rick next to the Hillcrest Park sign; that photo was taken from across the street, because the street is Route 66. I get chills thinking about such a beautiful place that is now gone! Such great memories! Rick & I both loved Hillcrest Park. In 2003 I called ahead and the park manager said we could come on this day. When we arrived, Hillcrest was not crowded, but we found police everywhere! They had police cars at the entrance and we did not know why at the time. We thought they were searching cars or something. It was their picnic that day at the park!

"It was very nice that the police allowed two ACE / ATRA members to invade their private picnic to enjoy Hillcrest Park before it closed forever, just two weeks later."

Pete and Rick both loved the park and thought the train ride was one of the best at any park!

They rode Hillcrest's coaster again in 2007 as The Meteor at Little Americka. It was Pete's 800th lifetime coaster.

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