Wichita, Kansas, USA

1949 to 2006

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ATRA News July 7, 2008:
Joyland's Future Rests on Lawsuit

ATRA News October 14, 2008:
Sad News for Joyland Park

ATRA News January 7, 2009:
Joyland Park Owners Doubt The Park Will Ever Open Again!

ATRA News November 4, 2009:
Wichita Man Wants To Invest In Joyland Park!

ATRA News May 25, 2013:
Fire Destroys Another Building At Wichita's Shuttered Joyland Amusement Park!

ATRA News June 22, 2014:
Group Looking To Restore Joyland Amusement Park Disbands!

ATRA Tour Continues

June 29, 2004 - Pete & Rick Go West by Southwest

August 9, 2006 - ATRA 2006 Small Park Preservation Tour

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Joyland Amusement Park
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