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Geauga Lake

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dave and I made our way out with the intention of meeting Pete at GL at 3pm. Most of the ride from Columbus was great weather, until about a half hour from the park, when it started raining. The rain just would not stop. We called Pete and told him to meet us at Bob Evans across the street from the park.

We decided to go in and have a bite to eat and wait out the rain, hoping it would stop. Mark was working and said he would be off around 7 or so, at which time he would join us at the park. We were at Bob Evans for about an hour.

Luckily, after we ate, the rain slowed down, and then came to a stop! Wow! So Pete got in Dave's car and left his car at the Wal-Mart across the street. (He did not want to pay for parking when we did not know how long the weather would hold up and Dave has a parking pass, so.)

There were very few cars in the parking lot when we arrived at the park. We basically had the whole park to ourselves! What really sucked, though, was that Big Dipper was down and guest relations said it would not open back up again. The Ferris wheel was also down.

Pete, Dave, and I got on Thunderhawk for lack of anything better to ride. Of course, April was in pain from the head-banging and Pete was screaming his usual cries of terror. We were the only ones on the ride.

Dave and I rode the Villain while Pete sat out. It wasn't that bad of a ride compared to how it has been running as of late.

Mark arrived around 7. Mark, Pete, Dave, and April rode Dominator. They were 4 of about 7 total people on the train. The on-ride photo was a riot, as they all looked like they were in pain.

They also rode the Double Loop. A nice, "classic" steel looper. One of April's favorites in that class of ride.

We all bought pretzels for dinner. The pretzels were actually decent. Reminded us of Aunti Anne's (the best pretzels in the world next to Cedar Point, LOL)

Then we attended the magic show. There were about 9 people in attendance at the show. April got called on stage to help the magician perform some tricks.

All in all it was a decent time, with the rain holding out for a few hours. The four of us left around 9, at which time it started raining again.


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