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April's No Fool Day ~ IX Center, Cleveland, Ohio

Sunday, April 1, 2007

As you all know, it was my birthday today and Dave and I headed up to the IX Indoor Amusement Park in Cleveland, Ohio.

We left here at about 10:45am after massive trouble getting out of bed (the norm.) We stopped at Flying J for gas just north of here where Dave lost $1.75 trying to get a Sunday paper out of the stupid machine. I have to call them in the morning for a refund.

We got to the IX Center at about 1:10. Our friends Jim, Joyce, and their mother, Claire, were already there. Mark was, too, but he was riding for an hour before we got there. Pete showed up shortly thereafter, and then Ron, who came in from the Ann Arbor, Michigan area. So there were 8 of us.

Our first ride was on the Ferris wheel. The top of this wheel actually looks out through windows in the ceiling of the building, so you can see downtown Cleveland. The line seemed long, but it only took about 10 minutes to get on. This was the first time in a while that a Ferris wheel was loading every single car. We had to break up into two groups, since obviously one car was not going to handle all 8 of us. (well, 7, since Claire did not ride.)

For a while after the Ferris wheel, Dave, Pete, Mark, Ron, and I chitchatted and caught up and went out to our respective cars to grab things for one another. (for example, Pete brought some Beatles DVD's and Ron and Mark got me birthday presents.) It was so nice out, and stuffy in the building, that we really wished the thing took place indoors. Oh, well. I really wanted to be at an outdoor park for my birthday, but nothing is open this early.

After we talked and hung out, by this time it was 4pm, and we decided we better get on some rides since we did pay 19 bucks to get in. (turns out Joyce and Jim could have gotten us 16-dollar tickets at Marc's, a local pharmacy in Cleveland, but oh well, we will remember that next time.)

To sum up, some of the rides we got on were (this list is not all-inclusive, as I don't remember the names and I myself did not get on some of the things that people in my group got on, for reasons that I did not like some of them and I was dizzy from weaning off some meds so I had to watch what I rode.)

~The drop tower (Very nice. Goes very slow up and then drops you fast. I would say it was about 60-foot high. Dave says it is the same make as the new drop tower at Waldameer, but the one at Waldameer is higher)

~The Crazy, spinning mouse (the standard, Exterminator-type mouse...ours did not spin "that" much, thank God!) LOL

~The classic Ferris wheel (you know, where the cars rock...I still get freaked out when stuck at the top.) :lol:

~A couple kiddie coasters. One wacky worm and another one that I forgot its name. There was a third one in which we could not ride because we were too tall.

~A Zamperla Skater Decent, with some air in the third row, corner seats

~A classic slide with the carpet (very cool)

Some members of my group rode The Ring of Fire, which you would not catch me dead on.

We left the place at about 8:20. And I was exhausted and slept so hard on the way home that it seemed like it took 5 minutes to get home.

It is now about 11:20 and I am waiting on Dave to stop by with a late-night snack from Taco Bell. (Oh yeah, I ate a lot at the IX Center...I ate pizza, snow cones, ice cream, walking tacos, pretzels, and I had so much lemonade I will probably crap lemons! LOL)

Thanks for reading!


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