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Wildwood, NJ, December 10, 2008 – The Morey Organization announced plans today for a public ceremony in memory of the classic boardwalk attraction -- The Golden Nugget – in advance of a phased removal of the ride from Hunt's Pier. The ceremony is slated for Saturday, January 31, at noon.

"This is a sad loss for all those who fondly remember the wonderful Golden Nugget," noted Dino Fazio, Director of Pier Operations. "It was my first roller coaster ride as a boy, and it's hard for me to see it go."

Jack Morey, Executive Vice President of The Morey Organization, said, "We continually wrestle with that tension between nostalgia and innovation. We gave serious thought to how we might restore the Golden Nugget to its former glory, in the context of our long range plans. Our concepts ranged from a complete restoration in its current location to relocating it to another more thriving amusement pier to creating a museum. In the end, the old ride was just not viable given New Jersey State regulations and Industry safety standards. While we are grieved to see it go, we know that the removal of this classic coaster will make way for something greater, worthy of the Golden Nugget's memory. We invite all those who hold fond memories of the Golden Nugget to join us for a ceremony in memory of this classic amusement ride."

Will Morey, President and CEO of The Morey Organization, noted, "The Golden Nugget represents the first golden age of the boardwalk, an age pioneered by greats with such family names as Hunt, Barnes, Coombs, Way, and Ramagosa. As the second generation of theMorey Family, my brother and I recognize our responsibility as trustees of this unique culture, and we do not take this decision lightly."

The Golden Nugget Mine Ride originally opened in July of 1960 on the newly constructed ocean side section of Hunt's Pier. The Golden Nugget was built three stories high with the top floor giving riders a mine car ride through the "desert." The classic coaster ride was specially constructed for Hunt's Pier by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company and was engineered by John Allen. Bill Tracy designed the ride's theme through Amusement Displays.

Public Farewell Ceremony on Saturday, January 31, at Noon

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