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The American Thrill Ride Association is a not-for-profit group of individuals like yourself who share the love of amusement parks and rides of every kind. Every ride from coasters to dark rides to water rides are included in this club, whatever THRILLS we can get!

Sea Breeze
Of course, all our thrills are safe thrills; no unsafe riding practices will be tolerated.

ATRA appreciates the smaller, more traditional parks for surviving in the midst of the presence of the large corporate parks. Although we may have a future event at one of these parks, we prefer the warm welcomes that a traditional park may provide. Traditional parks still contain many of the thrills that the larger parks have, but may be far less crowded on any given day.

So, many of our events will be held at the less common parks than you may be attending. This way you can go somewhere perhaps you haven't, while enjoying the entire day a traditional park, and not just in the other park's queue lines!

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Note that membership is free, but is by invitation only. Members are required to purchase at least one ATRA t-shirt for only $15.

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